Feminine embodiment, Mindset mentorship & Hypnotherapy

Guide and certified hypnotherapist for female entrepreneurs and ambitious women aiming to elevate their lives or careers to new heights, achieving a greater sense of fulfillment.


Mentorship 1:1

For women who want to improve and raise the quality of their life, career, or business. 

Feminine Energy Academy

A place where you will learn how to connect with your Feminine Energy and your Essence, find balance in your life and live in ease and harmony in accordance with your true self.

Who am I?

Welcome to my world!

I am Ana Marija Djanish, the founder of AM Coaching & The Liberation Queen, a brand dedicated to women and female entrepreneurs.

My vision is to help women discover their inner strength and power, create a fulfilling life in alignment with their authentic identity, and build successful businesses where they become powerful leaders in their industries.

Since 2019, after obtaining numerous certifications and trainings, I have been actively engaged in coaching. Initially, I shared my knowledge and experience with international markets, but since November 2022, I have expanded my efforts to include my country Croatia.

My mission here is to raise awareness about women’s energy and strength and to transform the paradigms of success that surround us.

Ana Marija Đaniš

Areas of expertise

Mentorship, group programs and courses


The Mindset aspect centers on recognizing and eliminating limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns, fears, and habits that can impede personal development and success.

By employing mindset and NLP techniques, we foster a growth mindset essential for a successful and fulfilling life and career.

Additionally, this approach will help you establish better boundaries and elevate the standards of your life.


Focusing on feminine energy leads to greater balance, satisfaction, and fulfillment in both life and career.

This aspect helps you connect with your body and intuition, enabling you to make decisions aligned with your true desires and needs.

By embracing your feminine energy, you’ll uncover the immense strength and power you possess as a woman in today’s world and leave hustle mentality in the past.


Business coaching here is not about traditional strategies and formulas that supposedly lead to success.

Ana Marija’s business coaching focuses on understanding the energies of business and money.

This approach helps you move away from the ‘hustle’ mentality and learn how to manage your energy. It enables you to achieve greater results with less effort, all while aligning with your values and goals.


certifikat hipoterapija

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapeutic technique that uses hypnosis to easily access the subconscious mind, helping you achieve your business goals and foster personal growth.

This form of therapy focuses on deep relaxation and changing subconscious beliefs to overcome obstacles, reduce stress, and boost self-confidence.

As a certified hypnotherapist, I help you identify and resolve the internal blocks that hinder your progress.

With hypnotherapy, you’ll unlock greater productivity, motivation, and the ability to create and achieve your ambitious goals.

This method offers a powerful tool for achieving success in both business and life.

I am also a co-author of the book “Why Not You?” (”Zašto ne i ti?”) about women entrepreneurs, published in 2024.

This book offers inspiring stories and practical advice from women who have succeeded in the entrepreneurial world.

Its goal is to motivate and encourage women to venture into entrepreneurship, overcome obstacles, and achieve their dreams.

Through personal experiences, the book highlights the importance of persistence, innovation, and courage in the business world.

I am proud to be part of this project, which aims to empower women and provide them with the tools needed for success.

The book is only available in Croatian language.


liberation queen

Liberation Queen is a podcast hosted by Ana Marija Djanish, focusing on empowering women and promoting gender equality in all areas of life.

Drawing from her personal experiences overcoming challenging situations and her extensive knowledge in various fields, Ana Marija educates, inspires, and empowers her listeners.

The podcast is in English language.


More than a podcast

Liberation Queen is more than just a podcast – it’s a movement that wants to empower women around the world.

Welcome to a new perspective!

Available at Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.