Mentorship & courses

For women who want to elevate their quality of life, career, or business to a higher level.

Mentorship 1:1

For women who want to improve and raise the quality of their life, career, or business.

Feminine Energy Academy

A place where you will learn how to connect with your feminine energy and your Essence, find balance in your life, and live with ease and harmony in alignment with your true self.

Discover your inner strength, confidence, and become the successful and fulfilled woman you've always wanted to be.

What do you gain from mentorship?

Mentorship and courses are designed to help you uncover your inner power and achieve your goals with confidence and ease.

Through the use of mindset and energetic techniques, you will learn how to connect with your feminine energy, listen to your intuition, and build an identity as a successful, brave, and self-aware woman.

Additionally, you will gain an understanding of business dynamics and how to leverage them to create a successful career that reflects your personal values.

Mentorship is fully tailored to you, aiming to assist you in creating a life, brand, or career that you love, in alignment with your deepest beliefs and desires.

There is also a focus on moving away from the “hustle” mentality that promotes constant action and control. Instead, you will learn how to align your efforts with the natural rhythms of your body and creative processes.

Ultimately, you will feel fulfilled, happy, and accomplished as you build a successful business, brand, and career, becoming the best version of yourself.

The greatest and most intimate support

Private mentorship 1:1

Focused on entrepreneurship or personal development and feminine energy

For entrepreneurs and women who are not entrepreneurs but want to enhance the quality of their life or career.

Mentorship focused on personal development and Feminine Energy:

The program is designed to support your personal development and inner transformation.

It focuses on releasing limiting beliefs, managing emotions, strengthening intuitive abilities, and building self-confidence and self-esteem.

Through practices that connect with the body and work on personal awareness, the program aims to foster a deeper understanding of your needs, values, and goals to achieve authenticity and fulfillment in life.

The coaching particularly emphasizes feminine energy and provides space for exploring and empowering the essence of womanhood.

Connecting with the body further supports this process, allowing women to feel a deeper connection with their physical selves and intuitively respond to the signals their bodies send. Developing personal awareness in this context encourages women to explore and value their unique qualities and values, resulting in a stronger sense of authenticity and fulfillment.

This mentorship is crafted to empower women to feel confident and authentic as they navigate their life’s journey.

What does 1:1 mentorship include:


1. Belief Transformation: Identifying and reshaping limiting beliefs that bring stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction while hindering progress and happiness.

2. Emotional Mastery: Learning techniques to understand, accept, and manage emotions constructively to achieve emotional balance.

3. Intuition Development: Exercises and techniques to strengthen intuitive abilities and use intuition as a guide in decision-making and life navigation.

4. Confidence Building Practices: Activities focused on building self-confidence and self-esteem to feel more secure in oneself and abilities.

5. Body Connection: Practices such as meditation, somatics, breathwork, and dance that promote body awareness and mindfulness of bodily sensations.

6. Personal Awareness Growth: Working on self-awareness and understanding one’s needs, values, and goals to achieve a deeper level of authenticity and fulfillment.

Private mentorship also includes hypnotherapy as needed and desired by the client.

Client transformations

Entrepreneurship-focused mentorship

business & mindset mentorship

Private coaching designed to help you achieve business growth, create a brand and business tailored to your vision, work with ideal clients, and significantly improve your revenue and sales.

My goal is to assist you in crafting a business aligned with your values and developing the mindset of a leader.

Through 1:1 mentorship, we will evolve your business into a brand that resonates with your ideal clients, who immediately recognize your quality through your content and energy, and are willing to invest accordingly.

Throughout this program, you will be liberated from stress, worries, doubts, beliefs, and fears that have limited you in the past. Simultaneously, you will strengthen your confidence and courage, fully trusting yourself, your intuition, and the steps you take towards achieving your goals.

Mentorship will help you develop a growth mindset that transforms your business or career and elevates it to a higher level of success. You will be able to set healthy boundaries and raise standards.

Note: This program is designed for entrepreneurs who already have their own business and want to achieve significant progress within it.


In private mentorship you will:


1. Develop a powerful leadership mindset where we will free you from subconscious blocks and fears, breaking your limits to achieve much more, undeterred by external circumstances.

2. Increase and strengthen your self-confidence and self-assurance so that a new high level of success becomes natural and normal for you.

3. Create financial security and eliminate fears and doubts about earning a substantial income.

4. Define your ideal client profile and create an offer that is perfect for them, which they invest in effortlessly because they see its value.

5. Create compelling content that speaks directly to your ideal client instead of generic language, convincingly demonstrating why people need your services.

6. Position your business as a premium brand that attracts ideal clients who readily pay your prices.

Private mentorship also includes hypnotherapy as needed and desired by the client.

1:1 Mentorship is for you if you:

1. Are already achieving success in your life, but you want to go much further – much higher.

2. Consider yourself a visionary and dreamer, yet you take action and full responsibility at the same time.

3. Are ready to do what it takes.

4. Know you are destined for more and have no fear in pursuing it.

5. Lead yourself independently.

1:1 Mentorship is NOT for you if you:

1. Need motivation and someone to hold your hand.

2. Avoid taking responsibility and make excuses.

3. Don’t believe in creating with aligned energy.

4. Want to focus exclusively on the strategy of your business.

Client transformations


Hybrid program- a combination of pre-recorded content and group calls

Feminine Energy Academy

A place where you will learn how to connect with your feminine energy and your Essence, find balance in your life, and live with ease and harmony in alignment with your true self.