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Are you looking for a new perspective on life, business, success, or money?

Liberation Queen podcast is about the Art of Feminine Embodiment, Business Energetics, inner work & leading a turned-on sensual life. Here we talk about magnetizing all your desires by BEing in alignment with your Essence & Soul Purpose.
Welcome to the New Paradigm.

Welcome to Liberation.

Liberation Queen podcast is english language.

What can you learn and hear in Liberation Queen Podcastu

Liberation Queen is a podcast hosted by Ana Marija Đaniš (Mindset, Business & Feminine Embodiment Coach), and focuses on empowering women and promoting women’s equality in all spheres of life. Ana Marija uses her experience as a woman who has gone through difficult situations in life, as well as her knowledge of different fields, to educate, inspire and empower her listeners.

In each episode, Ana Marija hosts inspiring guests, from entrepreneurs to activists, who share their stories and advice on how to take control of your own life and achieve success in all aspects of life.

Ana Marija Đaniš often emphasizes the importance of sensuality and feminine energy in her podcast, as well as ways in which women can better understand and use their inner strength.

Also, she often talks about how Feminine energy can be useful in the business world, and teaches how women can better understand the energy of business and success in order to achieve their goals in life.

Liberation Queen is more than just a podcast - it's a movement that wants to empower women around the world.

Liberation Queen wants women to feel united and motivated to fight for their rights and live their best lives.

The most listened to episodes of the Liberation Queen podcast

Feminine Energy of attracting dream clients- Archetype of the Catalyst

In this episode, you will learn how to attract clients from Feminine energy.

If you have been in the energy of chasing clients, worrying and doubting if they will come or if the way of signing clients you have been taught is not aligned with you and you truly desire that clients come to you then tune into this episode.

Trusting the Feminine Energy

Often women think they don’t trust the masculine and that’s why they hustle, have a hard time attracting a good relationship or just can’t let go of control…etc This is not the case.

It is actually that they can’t trust the feminine.

In this episode I will cover: How to start trusting the feminine & allow your desires to come to you- surrender.

Anxious Attachment Style in Business

In this episode, you will discover signs of anxious attachment style and how it affects your business.

Healing anxious attachment style will propel your business to a whole new level because you will finally feel safe.


Inner Child Healing

In this episode, I’m bringing you SIGNS that you are running your business (and life) from the wounded Inner Child & and tips on how to heal your Inner Child.

Many times we are not even aware that we are running our business from this place. Everything triggers us, we take things personally and our business becomes a constant emotional rollercoaster.


What Liberation Queen podcast listeners are saying:

"Womaaan, your voice!! So grateful to have found your podcast!."​
Abigail B.
"I wanted to tell you I listened your podcast episode about feminine energy and I've learned more from you than from big coaches I have been following.''
Marine H.
"I just listened to your podcast episode on Inner Child Healing and just wanted to say that I loved it so much. A lot of it really resonated with me and I already feel myself strengthening my connection with my inner child."
Eden B.

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What Liberation Queen podcast listeners are saying:

"I just need to let you know that I'm obsessed with your work. I listened to two of your podcasts today and it was speaking directly to my soul."
Ashley s.
"I've got to tell you that your voice is one of the most soothing voices I've ever heard in my life.''
Persephone S.
"Energy of desire is my favorite podcast episode so far.
I listened to it three times just to make sure I absorbed the message!
Kirsten D.